Our Web Bookmarks

These are interesting websites that we’ve bookmarked along the way. We’ll be sure to share as we discover more!

See also websites in French.


  • Imuhar – Dedicated to the Tuareg nomads of the Sahara by the anthropologist Dr. Anja Fischer.
  • Manding Songs and Traditions – Exploring Manding jeliw (griots), their traditional songs, their history, genealogies, and instruments.
  • Spot on Mali Music – Much more than the festival of the same name, Spot on Mali Music highlights the talent of Malian musicians and their instruments.



  • African Heritage – A blog about African history, and heritage, through audio and video files.
  • TARA -International organisation committed to recording the rich rock art heritage of the African continent.
  • Ụ́kpụ́rụ́ – Antique images and videos of Alaigbo/Ala Igbo (Igboland).





  • Mali Elephant Project by the Wild Foundation – Reconfiguring the network of relationships between people, elephants and the environment so that humans and elephants thrive together.


Last updated on October 3, 2018.