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The Bariba are a major ethnic group in Benin and parts of Burkina-Faso, Togo, and Nigeria. They are divided into two major subgroups, the Nikki of Benin and the Busa of Nigeria. Historically, the Bariba have been a dominant group wherever they have lived. The neighboring Fula people have served the Bariba by raising their cattle, while the Hausa were often merchants supplying the Bariba with goods and services. Both the Fula and the Hausa generally acknowledge Bariba leadership when they live in close proximity to them. The Bariba are also mainly farmers who grow yams, sorghum, millet, corn, rice, peanuts, and beans. The Bariba usually live in concentrated villages composed of walled compounds housing several families related along the paternal line.

Baatombou, Baatombu, Baatonou, Baatonu, Barba, Bargu, Baruba, Batomba, Batombou, Batonu, Batonun, Barganche Bergo, Bergou, Bogung, Borgawa
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