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Not to be confused with the Bantu-speaking Bassa, another ethnic group in Cameroon.

The Bassa are a Liberian ethnic group of the Atlantic coast, surrounded by Kpelles, Manos, Dans, Wees, and Krus. They speak a dialect of the Niger-Congo language, Kru. Their pictographic writing system went out of use in the nineteenth century, only to be rediscovered and revived in the early 1900s. The revived version is called Ehni Ka Se Fa. The rural Bassa people are generally small farmers producing cassava, yams, plantains, and eddoes. They are organized into chiefdoms, each composed of several ethnically distinct villages. Most Bassas now practice Christianity due to missionary work during the twentieth century, all the while retaining some elements of their traditional religion.

Adbassa, Bambog-Mbog, Basa, Basso, Gbasa, Gboboh
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