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The Berom form one of the largest ethnic groups in central Nigeria. They speak a Central Plateau language in the Niger-Congo family. They are not related to the neighboring Hausa, so there was great tumult when the British colonial administration, in their ignorance of ethnic differences, placed Hausa people as regional leaders of Berom territory. Before colonization, the Berom held hunting in very high esteem, although farming was their main means of sustenance. Berom people would traditionally name their children after the game they would hunt for sport, as well as from other animals that weren’t domesticated or hunted, such as “toad”, “fish”, and “frog”.

Aboro, Afango, Akut, Akuut, Baho, Berum, Birom, Boro-Aboro, Borom, Bouroum, Burum, Burumawa, Gbang, Kibbo, Kibbum, Kibo, Kibyen, Nisine, Shaushau, Shosho, Sine, Worom
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