Categories: Ethnicities

The Bissa people of south-central Burkina Faso and northern Ghana, Togo, and Benin are part of the Mande ethnic group. The Bissa are traditionally peanut producers, cultivating and making oils, paste, and grilled snacks out of them. This occupation is the source of many mockeries in the context of joking relationships, especially on the part of the Yarse, the Gurma, the Samo and the Gurunsi.

Bisano, Bisa, Bousanou, Boussanca, Boussancé, Boussanga, Boussangsé, Boussanse, Boussansé, Boussansi, Bouzantchi, Busande, Busanga, Busansé, Busansi, Bussanse, Bussansi
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