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As the largest nomadic pastoral community in the world, the Fula are widely-dispersed throughout the Sahel and all of West Africa, but bound together by language (Pulaar/Fulfulde of the Senegambian branch), Islam, history, and shared culture. Historically, they have moved through and among many other cultures, eventually becoming a religious, political, economic, military force to be reckoned with; the creators of emirates and empires.

Adamawa Fulani, Adamawa Fula, Afuli, Felata, Fellaata, Fellah, Fellani, Fellata, Filani, Foulah, Foulani, Foulanke, Foulankunda, Foula, Foulbé, Fufulde, Fulah, Fulakunda, Fulani, Fulanke, Fulata, Fulbe, Fulfede, Fullah, Ful, Fuulbe, Halaybe, Hilani, Peuhl, Peul, Peul Pande, Poular, Pulaar, Pulli, Pullo, Pulo, Toroobe
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