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The Koniaguis are an ethnic group originally from the Koundara region of Guinea, bordering on Kédougou in Senegal, where a large portion of these people, who are very attached to the land and forest, also live. Apparently, the real name of this ethnic group is “Awey” and not “Koniagui”, which is a nickname attributed to them by their Fulani neighbors referring to bees because of their prowess in taming these insects and their mastery over the woodlands.

Avoene, Awoene, Awohe, Aw ōh ē, Azene, Azen, Cogniagui, Conhague, Coniagui, Coniaguis, Duka, Kon'agi, Koñagi, Koniagi, Konianke, Koniasi, Konyagi, Konyanke, Tenda Duka, Wamei, Wame
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