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Native to the Futa Toro region of Senegal but also found in Mali and Mauritania, the Tukulor consider their defining feature to be their strong Islamic heritage, even proudly leading a religious war against neighboring ethnic groups and the colonial French under the great Toucouleur empire. Believed to be descendants of the Serer and Fula, the Tukulor call themselves Haalpulaar’en, which means “those who speak Pulaar (the Fula language)”.

Foutanké, Foutankoré, Futankobé, Futatoro, Haalpulaaren, Haal Pulaaren, Haalpulaar, Haal Pulaar, Halpular, Hal Pular, Takruri, Tekarir, Tekrourien, Tekruri, Tokolor, Tokoror, Torado, Torodo, Toucouler, Toucouleur, Tuculeur, Tukri, Tukolor, Tukuler, Tukuleur, Tukuloor, Turkylor
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